Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit!

The first day of the month. Rabbit, rabbit. Am I the first to say it? In my family, this is a monthly contest.

I was able to get the binding on the star wall hanging this weekend.
As I have said before, the purpose of this wall hanging is to cover the fuse box on the wall in our basement.
Since Uncle Sam was coming down, I finally added the star buttons to his vest. I will rehang Uncle Sam in time for Memorial Day 2016.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Star Wall Hanging Ready for Binding

This post is a major photo overload. Sorry.

I really went crazy with the quilting on this wall hanging. I designed three borders and let the stars overlap the borders so it looked like the borders continued underneath the stars.
 I used just about every quilting design I could think of. It's pretty busy with pattern, but I like the way the gray thread looks on the Kona Ash background.
 In the largest open area that was left, I put in background filler ala Angela Walter. Just a touch of McTavishing.
I am such a novice.
 The woven border was made using a stencil design. I took a class with Beth Shillig and bought the stencil at the class.
 The outermost border is dot to dot. Next border is continuous curve. the third border is woven design.
 The star wall hanging will cover the spot where Uncle Sam is now hanging. The main purpose is to cover the fuse box.
 Aren't these rainbow batiks fun?
 This is now trimmed and waiting for binding. I hope to get it finished next weekend.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Star Wall Hanging Progress

I have had some good quilting time. Continuing to work on the Star Wall Hanging.
First, I made a plan before I actually started quilting.

I worked from the border, out. That doesn't make grammatical sense, but it is what I mean.

Here are some progress pictures.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Star Wall Hanging

Today I finished piecing the Wonky Star Wall Hanging. This is the first time I have done a wonky project on purpose. I have spent years trying NOT to do wonky. Here is the flimsy.
Now I need to get a backing fabric and a plan for the quilting. This wall hanging will cover our fuse box. I currently have Uncle Sam hanging here, but I need to be able to have something that is not holiday specific so I can switch it out.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another 2015 Finish

I finished Little Man's three-year-old big boy quilt for his up-coming birthday in September. Ta-dah!

I used the squared spiral pantograph on this quilt. After many difficulties last week, I ordered Glide thread from Fil-tec that arrived during the week. When I worked out the tension, it worked beautifully. On the whole quilt, the only stops I had were when the bobbins ran out. What a thrill. The backing was 60" wide., but it still needed more width. I added blocks of fabric from the front and also more of the NY Mets fabric.

This one is now ready to send out. What a relief. My work schedule has been quite heavy lately and I have been worried that I wouldn't get this done in time.

The next priority is to finish the three advent calendars for my grandkids. I still need to get backing material.

While I had time this weekend, I caught up on the 2015 Designer Mystery BOM block. This is block #2.
Cute, no?

Here are the first two together.

While I was at it, I had time to get started on another project that has been ready to get going for quite a while. It is a kit, but I have changed the background fabric from the white that came with it to Kona Ash.

I have much more to go, but I feel really good about what I accomplished this weekend.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

2013 Designer Mystery BoM Finish

It's about time. This quilt has been on my frame since March. I finished it last weekend, but just now got the photos. It has been dark and rainy here.
I really like the border. I made swags filled with feathers and finished it off with piano keys. Here are a boatload of pictures.

This weekend I hope to get Little Man's big boy quilt loaded so I can start to get it quilted.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Boy Quilt

I have assembled all three advent calendars. I now need to choose backing and decide how to finish them.

I have put together Little Man's Big Boy Quilt top. I found the center panel online and purchased various baseball themed fabrics for borders. No complicated assembly. This is a kid's quilt and it will get a lot of hard use.
For the backing, I purchased 60" wide New York Mets fabric.
I had originally planned to use the red stripe fabric for the binding, but when I saw the orange in the Mets fabric I changed my mind. I didn't want a red binding to clash with the orange in the Mets logo.
The Kona Marine Blue was the perfect solution. It also matches with some of the other figures on the front.

Now, as soon as I finish quilting the Designer Mystery BOM quilt, I will be able to get this on the frame and quilt it up. It should be done in plenty of time for the September 24th birthday.

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